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Shiloh Farms is a major producer of grass seed located in Springfield, GA, near historic Savannah.  It has been a family-owned business for over three decades and currently has two generations working on the farm.  For most of its existence, the company has been producing, cleaning and processing certified seed.

In the late 1990s, Shiloh Farms began producing certified Tifton 9 bahia grass seed.  Since then, they have become the largest producer of certified grass bahia seed in the Southeast, known for their quality and seed production.

In 2005, the Georgia Seed Development Commission chose Shiloh Farms to produce the first large-scale TifQuik foundation seed plot in Georgia.  Because of Shiloh Farms' location and sandy soils, TifQuik is well-suited to the area.  Since Shiloh Farms has been producing TifQuik, they have discovered that it is a very hardy cultivar, being able to produce more tonnage with less fertilizer and less precipitation than other warm season grasses, including Tifton 9.  TifQuik also emerges faster, and therefore covers the field faster than Tifton 9, eliminating the opportunity for weed seed to emerge and provides for earlier grazing and earlier harvesting.

Shiloh's observations of TifQuik confirm the research that Bill Anderson of the USDA-ARS Genetics and Breeding Unit in Tifton, GA has experienced with his greenhouse studies and replicated outdoor plots in Tifton.

When you are looking for bahia grass seed, be sure to contact Shiloh Farms, Inc.

For information on a dealer near you, contact:

Shiloh Farms, Inc
PO Box 430
Springfield, GA  31329

Call or send a text message to:  (912) 658-5515


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